Stages Involved In A Successful Design & Build Process

Decades before, the average build often goes through separate contractors where the property owner spends his time mediating between parties. This takes the fun and energy out of building a dream home.

Today, the design-build approach is often managed by one single proponent whom the homeowner directly interacts with. This single contractor takes care of everything with his team of professionals starting with the designer down to the building tradesmen. This is the Homeworld approach. Hassle free and fun!

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The Custom Design-Build Process In Whangarei

The design-build process is all about integrating what is essential for you the homeowner, to make the property of your dreams. This means a multitude of build disciplines will come together, experts in design, engineering, and construction- all of them with one unified goal; to build your amazing dream home.

Homeworld see this big picture and are Whangarei and Northland’s most trusted seasoned home builder known to be there for you at every stage of the construction process. Homeworld is one of the most reliable custom home experts in New Zealand.

So let’s consider the fact that every design-build project is different. It could start with unique home plans, the scale, the budget, or the complex terrain upon which you wish to build your home. But to Homeworld, they know what needs to be done having over 40 years’ experience of building hundreds of homes in the region.

If you want to be very involved and present in the building of your house, know that there are 5 stages of construction that generally apply to the average NZ homebuilding process.

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Design and Planning

The design and planning phase is the best time to discuss your vision for your home. No holding back on wants, ideas and inspiration. This is the stage where you talk extensively about the details from the scale of the home to the lay of the land. Homeworld will likely have many questions as to what you want, so they can come up with a suitable home plan which includes the technical details of the home layout that is well-suited to your requirements.

A professional homebuilder along with their design team will be eager to know what features you want. They will also consider many aspects of the build, such as the position of the home in terms of the land - where the sun rises and sets; the wind movements around that environment, topography, and access points.



Pre-construction determines where your homebuilding project stands as a whole. It often involves a constructability review of the process from start to finish; this includes identifying areas of risk, cost reduction and identifying the possible cause of construction delays. This integrates solid engineering knowledge and practical project management guidelines into the design process.

Along with this, they will have to consider local council regulations for your build as any responsible licensed building practitioner would do. This includes securing the necessary paperwork for building consents and various permits. Keep in mind that they will need to get everything in order before any construction can take place.


Architectural Design

By this stage, the feasibility of your build has been clearly established; this includes a thorough discussion on the timeframe, budget allocation, and site location of your home.

Your task as a homeowner is to sign off and approve the house plans, so the project can move forward.


Construction Stage

You should be thrilled as a homeowner, now that you’re all done with the planning, the construction stage for your home can now properly begin. Homeworld, the expert homebuilders in Whangarei, seek to ensure only one point-person that makes contact with the property owner during the construction stage.

Building a home can be overwhelming. There are so many decisions to be made, but having a single point of contact can make construction concerns less daunting. It prevents any duplicate requests and leads to more quality construction results.

An expert homebuilder such as Homeworld knows how to implement everything agreed upon in the planning phase so you can be assured that construction will be on schedule and that everything is built to your expectations.

Your Whangarei Dream Home is Within Reach

Whatever you have in mind Homeworld can help you with the complicated demands of the design-build process.

See your amazing dream home become a reality. Call Homeworld today at 0800 86 89 86 and talk about your dream home.

As the best design-build contractor in Whangarei, Homeworld do a very impressive job at building custom design homes. And we’ve been in the Northland homebuilding business for over 40 years!


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