The Best Type of Light Fittings to Brighten Up your Custom Home

Not only does today’s lighting technology offer a vast improvement, it’s also energy-efficient without sacrificing any bit of its ultra-stylish nature. Most interior design trends make the most of lighting techniques, using various light fixtures and fittings thus creating the best home ambiance.

Yes, truly, lights can be everything in a new Whangarei custom home. With a flip of a switch, or a slow fade of a dimmer, you can easily change the mood and coziness of a space. Though some may fail to see the importance of light fittings and its many practical styles and usage, keep in mind that lighting is still very much a hallmark of good quality interior design.

Having bad lighting all around simply downplays the potential and elegance of your Whangarei custom home.

Illumination is key. It’s very important to work with your Whangarei homebuilder to come up with a versatile lighting plan that maximises the natural light environment of your home while also taking advantage of light fittings and its remarkable ability to improve and accent spaces all around your custom home. It can’t be said enough bright, warm and inviting lights equals over all great mood.

Types of Lighting in Whangarei

In general, and in industry terms, there are 3 key lighting types use to illuminate spaces. They are used primarily to bring about elegance, functionality, and style to any great custom home build.

These 3 lighting methods are ambient lighting, task lighting, and accent lighting. When Homeworld homebuilders plan with you the lighting, they consider how light encompasses a space. They see the general picture first and work down to a specific level to layer light. So the ambient light source is considered first, which sets the general tone then followed by task lighting functional areas then doing accent lighting touches. An overlap of both is possible; the point here is to make the lighting enhance your space.

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Ambient Lighting

It all starts with the general setting which is ambient lighting- this is the base lighting. This is the primary light source that exudes illumination for the entire room. Often the distribution of the light is uniformed throughout or evenly dispersed. This lighting ensures that visibility is good, no annoying glare, and that you can move around the room unencumbered. Ambient lighting is very strategic, its success lies on the warmth of the lights, the number of lights used and its placement in the space.

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Task lighting

Task lighting foremost is about functionality, not aesthetics. It’s about lighting that serves a purpose such as to illuminate a specific area. For sure, you’ve seen specific examples of task lighting. Reading nooks with comfy armchairs may have an overhead light above the space; Kitchen counters, bathroom countertops and desk surfaces where items of use are placed. Task lighting is like that invisible arrow meant to highlight the functional items and support activities in these spaces.


Accent lighting

Accent lighting is about calling attention to a special piece or area no matter its size. It’s like a subtle spotlight, a gentle visual nudge that directs your attention to a unique object in the home such as an artwork, sculpture, furniture, antique, windows, or landscape. Adjustable light fittings do the work when it comes to accent lighting.

Light up your Whangarei Custom Home Build

Invest in good lighting for your custom home, you won’t regret it! It’s one of the best things a Whangarei homeowner can splurge on. So work with a Whangarei homebuilder that’s mindful of your lighting, and how light fittings can improve the use of a space.

Ready to get started on lighting your custom home? Brighten up your space with the help of a registered NZ Master Builder. Consult with Homeworld Design and Build at 0800 86 89 86 or send us an enquiry. Getting in touch with us is as easy as a flip of a switch!


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