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For more than 40 years, we have been designing and building homes for our growing list of clients across Whangarei and Northland. At Homeworld, we want to present our handiwork to people looking to partner with us in their homeownership journey. For would-be clients to fully appreciate our work, we put up a small number of showhomes across Whangarei based on the vast array of home designs we have available. Want to have a closer look at our actual home design and build in Whangarei? Pop into our Display Village in Western Hills Drive. At any one of our Whangarei showhomes, you will be able to examine every nook and cranny of our build. You will also be able to see up close the types of materials and brands that we use for all of our home build projects.

We build new showhomes regularly to keep ourselves updated with the latest in design and building materials. All of our showhomes are constructed by Licensed Building Practitioners and; have the Master Build Guarantee which, provides ten years of protection against structural and material defects. Our showhomes are highly maintained throughout their display and, they are all available for purchase.

Interested in buying a showhome? Let us walk you through the features of The Cove.

The Cove showhome has a total area of 117.06m2 – suitable for a family of four! It has 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. The master bedroom has an en suite bath furnished with sleek and high quality bathroomware.

With The Cove’s open plan layout, you get to have a full view of the dining and living areas straight from the kitchen. This setup is perfect for when you are preparing a feast and entertaining guests at the same time. On any given day, the open plan layout creates more opportunities for the family to bond as there are no barriers that separate those three sections. As long-time home builders in Whangarei, we have thought about such benefits that our clients can gain from the house that we made.

Like all of our showhomes, The Cove is furnished with top quality appliances such as an oven, a rangehood, a dishwasher, and a fridge/freezer. The Cove is also equipped with energy efficient lights and smoke alarms for your safety and protection.

For more information, schedule a meeting with us so we can give you a tour at our Display Village. During your visit, you can ask our very helpful Home Consultants anything you’d like to know about the Cove Showhome or the Homeworld difference. We will all be more than glad to assist you.


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