The Lasting Appeal Of Visiting A Whangarei Show Home

Visiting a show home is no different from trying on a new item of clothing, or sampling a new product at the supermarket, you get to feel, experience or taste what is on offer.

By visiting our Whangarei Showhomes however, whilst we can certainly offer you a coffee or refreshment, you will instead be experiencing how a Homeworld home, can fit your lifestyle, with an attention to a million little details that make them second to none.

A Whangarei showhome from Homeworld promises you the ability to refine your wants, likes and dislikes from your new home construction, as well as meet with a home design consultant who can answer your questions.

To begin with, a Homeworld Whangarei show home is not a cookie-cutter sample of a home, it’s more than that. Inside, like all our home designs, it is intentionally designed; it’s made to inspire, create an emotional connection, and give you a feel of that ideal lifestyle, that you deserve from your home.

Can you buy a Homeworld Whangarei Show home?

Our Showhomes, showcase our designs and what we have to offer. If your heart decides to go with a showhome, we may be able to accommodate as we often refresh those available to view on Western Hills drive, and our other show homes around Whangarei, are available as home and land packages. Buying a show home presents a great opportunity. A show home is not a second hand home or a used home, no one has technically lived in it. If you think about the ‘wear and tear’ a typical home receives, this is significant. How many times over a day would kitchen draws be opens and closed? How often would teenagers over zealously close bedroom doors? When buying a showhome you are avoiding all of this, and it still comes with the Homeworld 10 year guarantee.

Built by the Homeworld experts and artisans with careful attention to detail from the lighting, draping, masonry and carpentry work, down to the tiles and fixtures.

Benefits of a Whangarei show home:

Homeworld invest passion and detail in their show homes, like they do for all their properites. it’s part of their vision to show case the best of what they do.

Curious to check out the workmanship of a Homeworld show home?

Homeworld have an every changing and beautiful range of show homes namely including both the Piha Showhome, and Sandy Bay Showhome. All designs are built with living in mind.

Contact us now for a viewing at Homeworld 0800 86 89 86 and fall in love with one of our elegant show homes today.


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