The Value Of Choosing A Whangarei House And Land Package?

Purchasing a house and land package is a long-term investment that will surely help you earn more in the long run. This gives you that distinct head starts towards a better future. Why? Why does it help more than other packages?

A home and land package is a convenient option for those looking to settle or relocate to Whangarei.

Many people are often confused about House and Land Packages and what they entail? Our guide aims to help.

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What Is A Whangarei Home And Land Package?

A homeworld home and land package is where we have pre purchased some of the best blocks of land available and offer tailored house design packages suited for to your needs.

Because we own the sections, we are not only able to secure some of the best available but also offer a complete purchase price as well as geotechnical land surveys.

This means you are able to know with certainty the cost of the design and build as well as land and pay for this as a complete turn-key solution.

With Homeworld, the price we quote includes all the furnishing and chattels, from the flooring to the windows and even landscaping if sought – everything you want can be included.

When you purchase a house and land package from the N1 trusted Whangarei home builder and developer you get:

A New Build Home in a High-Demand Market

New builds are not only ideal for forever homes but also as a second income, with new builds not only being up to code but typically in greater demand for those wishing to rent. Whilst rental properties always come with a degree of risk, a new build typically achieves greater income and reduces any maintenance requirements. Consider the fact that renters are drawn to newly-built homes than older homes or renovated homes. Who doesn’t want to move into a hassle free home with a 10 year guarantee? .

Save Money and have greater control over Design

Feel unencumbered choosing a tailored design for your dream home. With a house and land package in Whangarei, there are many modern architectural designs to choose from as well as more classic design and build options. With our team of in house designers, we really can achieve your heart’s desire.

Energy Efficiency Home Features

Sustainability and ongoing costs are important considerations for all homeowners. Saving energy and keeping a low carbon footprint is pretty much integrated with today’s lifestyle properties. When you purchase an older home, it is likely to leak heat costing more to run. In addition, most fixtures will be outdated; even lighting within the property won’t be energy efficient when compared with a new Homeworld home. With the latest Whangarei house and land packages, you have the flexibility to install the latest and most energy-efficient and interconnected devices into your living spaces.

The Best Home and Packages in Whangarei

If you are looking to save money not just today but into the future, and still be a proud owner of a modern well-built home in some of Whangarei’s best locations, then you should definitely consider investing in a Homeworld house and land package.

We have the right section to suit your budget and lifestyle. Get in touch with us today at Homeworld 0800 86 89 86!


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