Things To Consider When Buying Your Home And Land Package In New Zealand

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Home and land packages enable Whangarei and Northland home buyers the choice and variety of home plans based on the size, section, location, and design-build style. Homeworld is the obvious choice when considering home and land packages in Whangarei and Northland.

In Whangarei, most houses are built by developers, and lot-only properties are commonplace. If you have found or secured your dream section then Home and Land packages are not for you.

Things to Consider When Buying your Home and Land Package in New Zealand
Did you know that many sections never come to market, being secured by building companies for their customers? Home and Land packages enable the two elements to be combined, helping secure funds a breeze and leaves you only needing to deal with one party. Whether you just build or seek a home and land package, it’s essential to know the best builders situated in your area, and one of them is Homeworld, they have built more homes than the other home builders and have stood the test of time, proudly serving Northland for over 40 years.

Homeworld’s unique house and land packages are customised and set around prime areas in Whangarei and Northland. These sections are hand picked by the Homeworld team to take in the natural beauty, access to local facilities and are of prime location.

Why Invest in a Home and Land Package?

Homeworld home and land packages take the worry out of building. The Homeworld team handles all the needed site requirements to convert a section into a building plot, securing all necessary titles and consents. The process of transforming the land includes road paving, water and plumbing, sewage utilities, land surveys and permits. Followed by the planning and construction of a series of modern stylish homes. These tailored house sections once completed make for stunning house and land packages, tailored to your lifestyle.

Home and land packages are often completed in phases, each section giving way to new house sizes and designs. As a home buyer, a house and land package can give you the freedom to choose which block and house design is perfect for your lifestyle. The two – the house and the section – are packaged together under one financial contract under a fixed, affordable price.

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Things to Consider Before Buying a Home and Land Package in NZ:

There are many home and land packages available throughout New Zealand, but the stunning Homeworld homes built in diverse styles tailored to customers needs can only be found in Northland.

A lot of site planning work goes into developing a property that will be sold as a home and land package. Homeworld master builders go out of their way to seek the best area to build. When you choose a home and land package from Homeworld, they are able to ensure geographical location won’t be a problem.

Home and land packages can come in different forms depending on the area and your living requirements. Buying a home and land package doesn’t limit your options on your home design.

Credibility and experience are two of the significant factors when choosing a home builder here in Whangarei and Northland. Homeworld showcases the best home developments, lifestyle blocks and custom built homes. Homeworld will always deliver the results their clients deserve.

Homeworld has been building great quality homes in the Northland area for nearly 40 years. Call Homeworld at 0800 86 89 86.


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