Top Things To Consider When Building In Whangarei And Northland

Top Things to Consider When Building in Whangarei and Northland

Whangarei and Northland have many stunning residential enclaves, it is the ideal place to take root whether you’re starting a family, retiring or looking to start a new business. In fact, it is one of the best and most beautiful regions to live in. For many, the appeal of coastline living and the warm climate of Whangarei and Northland is simply hard to resist.
But if you’re in the neighborhood, you’ll notice, there are many beautiful homes all over Whangarei and Northland, and those that stand out, you’d be surprised to know were built by Homeworld.
Building your dream house from the ground up is an exciting journey, and Homeworld, an established design-build company in Whangarei with over 40 years of building experience understands your choice in wanting to build a new aesthetically beautiful and structurally-crafted home.
Building new has its many advantages because you’re building with all the things you love in mind – extra bedrooms, nooks, walk-in closets, a conservatory or a patio. By going the Design-and-Build route you can plan for these beautiful living inclusions. Attention to detail can also go down to the number and location of wall sockets!
But if you’re unsure where to start- make it a rule of thumb to know what’s important to you, consider what areas are truly functional for your family, so you can get started with the design plans.

Here are some steps to help get you started on your very own design-build project

Your family’s daily activities, social habits, and overall size are your main considerations in the design and feel of your home. The layout should be instinctive to the occupant’s living habits- what would be the common areas, rest and play areas? Are the kids’ rooms accessible to the parents?

Have you ever been in a home where you’ve kept bumping into sharp corners? Do people have to stand up to let another person pass through? That’s a flow problem, and they’re not just a regular fixture on tiny homes, even bigger homes if not well planned can have these traffic and flow problems.

There’s so much to be said about traffic and how people move about in their living spaces. A reliable Master Builder can easily check for trouble spots so you can achieve better flow in your space. Homeworld understands the need for a good and practical layout that allows for better flow so that people can enter and exit rooms with ease.

How you live should reflect clearly in the design of your home. Its layout should be crafted suitably around your needs, interests, and lifestyle. Think about the activities that fill your day and how you will spend time around the home cultivating hobbies Naturally this should be focused around your priorities: making time for yourself, your family and friends.

After all, you’ve worked so hard to achieve and design your ideal home and you’ve no doubt spent a great deal of time envisioning this space in your mind — walking around the future rooms, having conversations with family in key areas and considering how the space flows — which really means you want a home that is simply beautiful and comfortable to live in.

Crafting your dream home and getting it into the construction phase can be a complex challenge, but with a Homeworld Master Builder by your side, you can rest assured that the whole process— from initial design to final construction —will be well taken care of.

Trust us to put in much thought and consideration on what will work on the scope and scale of your design-build needs.

The Homeworld Advantage

With over 40 years of experience in building the best and beautiful homes in Northland, Homeworld is at the forefront of the construction design-build process in the region.

As a trusted Master Builder in Whangarei, Homeworld offers the best protection there is. When you partner with us to build your new dream home it comes with a 10-Year Master Build Guarantee (link to: This assurance protects you from undertaking costly repairs in the future.

Want to know more about what Homeworld has to offer? Looking to build in Whangarei and Northland? Call us and find out more at 0800 86 89 86


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