Transportable Homes, Relocatable Homes, And Tiny Homes

There are three types of compact design builds. They are transportable homes, relocatable homes, and tiny homes. These are becoming more popular today due to their efficiency in terms of finances, time, and impact on the environment. This is mainly because with these homes, things can be constructed off-site in a specific location and then transported to their permanent location.

Transportable Homes

These are homes that are built away from their final sites. They are transported to a new location once completed. This is then placed down on a foundation or piles which are connected to service, with decks finally added – perfect for embracing the New Zealand weather and lifestyle. The exterior features are also added, making it ready for occupation. These homes are easier to build and cheaper as well. They are also quicker to complete.

A transportable building is for domestic living. These are self-contained modules that are designed to be moved around.

Relocatable Homes

These are in general second-hand homes that are picked up and moved away from the site where they were built and placed on a different site. Most of these are old homes and villas that are already in their rundown state yet may still be salvaged with a little TLC. These homes are affordable and often come with transport and resettling costs. It is a great low-cost option to have a house on site.

In the ‘70s and ‘80s, there were prefabricated relocatable homes that were built from the same materials used in caravans. This is no longer the case today. Such homes are built following the same standard as traditional on-site homes. These may have a solid steel sub-frame, insulation, termite-resistant structural framing, and durable cladding.

Tiny Homes

For tiny homes and any home that is on wheels, banks may have problems financing them since they cannot secure them. That’s why tiny homes must be under other types of lending.

However, if you already have an existing property that can be used as security, it is possible to get a loan for you to buy or build a tiny home and use the existing property as security. Lending is more probable when the tiny home is not movable.

The Homeworld Difference:

Homeworld proudly offer modular transportable homes.

Modular homes are built to withstand the rigors of transport. They are delivered in chunks of 1 to 3 modules and then properly assembled on location. This is then followed by getting the house on the neighborhood grid, connecting the home to utility services such as power and water. This is also the perfect time to make room for finishing touches such as decking, a pergola, extra stairs or a small garden upfront.

If you are looking to reside in difficult to access places like certain areas in New Zealand’s Northland, then a transportable home from Homeworld could be the perfect solution.

Homeworld has been specializing in transportable homes that are built in Whangarei which helps avoid the usual delays involved in on-site building.

Homeworld are proudly licensed building practitioners. The family-run business has been in operation for 40 years.

We offer:

  1. Master Build Guarantee to their customers, providing them 10 years of protection against any structural and material defects.
  2. Loss of Deposit insurance.
  3. Public liability insurance for further protection.

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