Whangarei Builders: The Many Benefits Of Brick Homes

For many of us, dreaming of living in a sustainable home- a brick home, might just be the answer to living the ultimate eco-friendly lifestyle.

Bricks will always have its place in traditional and modern architecture. Because it offers a natural and versatile feel to a home’s overall design. Requiring less maintenance to wood constructions, brick homes can be energy-efficient, eco-friendly, and look stunning.

There are many types of bricks out there, not only with a different look but also a different purpose. Homeworld take the hassle from deciding on the right construction brick, to ensure your next home is structurally sound and aesthetically beautiful.

Building With Bricks

Why choose a brick home construction? The biggest driver is often asthetics and low maintenance for the life of your property, but you might be surprised to find out that brick homes often come with a lot of other benefits.

Brick homes offer the following:

number 1

The classic appeal of brick homes. Aesthetically, a brick home feels distinct and traditional from most Whangarei and Northland homes on the market. Their earthy texture and colors often create a warm and welcoming facade.

number 2

Brick homes are long-lasting. They can withstand challenging weather conditions for decades. A well-made brick home doesn't require obsessive care; some homeowners and builders even consider it maintenance-free.


Brick as a building material is very durable. Wood easily tears and is prone to pests like termites. Homes made from brick however are dense and strong enough to withstand the elements, and with its insulation capabilities, it can simply harness heat and maintain the home's temperature.


A brick home is energy-efficient. Thus, making it a cost-effective solution that provides both comfort and big savings for home owners.


Brick homes can withstand varying temperatures.


Bricks can soundproof your home. Bricks are effective in blocking out noise because soundwaves can't pass through its a naturally dense material. Enjoy the peace and quiet you deserve.

Homeworld are the trustworthy, reliable Whangarei and Northland homebuilders able to help you on your new home journey.

We are proud to be one of the best known Whangarei brick home builders, known for our skills in exterior brick facade and full brick construction.

Homeworld designs unique residential homes using the best traditional textures and hues of contemporary brick materials. We build quality homes that suit your needs and lifestyle.

Looking for a natural home to live in need not be difficult, pop in and see us and meet our home consultants today!

We have been committed to excellence for the past 40 years and look forward to the next 40 with enthusiasm and the same commitment to unrivalled excellence. We guarantee your total satisfaction. Call us now at 0800 86 89 86 and see the elegant brick homes we build and back with our 10 year guarantee.


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