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Why Choose Homeworld?

Homeworld is a locally owned, family owned and operated Design and Build company in Northland since 1980. We have a proven reputation of being a trusted and premier home builder in Whangarei. For nearly 40 years, we have helped a growing number of families and individuals, design and build their most valuable investments where they can settle in and make new memories with their loved ones. We are proud that these clients satisfaction with our work and the services has led us to be highly recommended to friends and family as they build their respective homes. Many have also come back to us to work with them for their next build. This has led us, a locally owned family run business to build strength to strength over the years.

Our Team Of In-House Experts

Homeworld’s Designers and Builders are certified Licensed Building Practitioners as assessed by the Registrar of the Department of Housing. This means that they are technically competent to design and build homes that are structurally safe and resistant to natural weather elements. It also serves as an assurance that our Designers and Builders have adhered to the strict building codes and standards here in Whangarei and Northland.

Our Home Consultants will help you go over your goals and preferences. We put you first. We will guide you in finding the type of home design that matches your needs, and give you a tour of our showhomes so you can cement your ideas on what is a ‘must’, have and how your home might look.  Should you already own land or are considering purchasing a section, our Home Consultants would be more than glad to do a visit to evaluate the suitability of the design that you have in mind to the parcel of land that you wish to build on. 

Our in-house Architectural Designers will design a home according to your precise requirements and incorporate every detail that you have discussed with our Home Consultants during your first meeting. If you plan to go with our standard Home Designs and combine it with your own ideas, our Architectural Designers will tailor-fit them for you. 

Our expertly knowledgeable and extremely reliable Master Builders will ensure that the high quality standards are implemented during  the construction of your new home. Our resident Master Builders are members of Registered Master Builders in New Zealand. Homeworld, as a company, is also a proud member of Registered Master Builders.

Our Master Build Guarantee

As members of the Registered Master Builders, when we build your home, we give you a Master Build Guarantee. This will provide you with 10 years of protection against structural and material defects in your newly constructed home, giving you the peace of mind that you rightfully deserve as a property owner. In addition to the Master Build Guarantee, we provide supplementary benefits such as Loss of Deposit Insurance and Public Liability Insurance for your protection. 

Our Supply Partners

As reputable and long-time home builders in Whangarei, we have already established a solid working relationship with trusted suppliers in New Zealand for top quality and proven products that we utilise for the homes that we build. Our clients have become proud owners of aesthetically designed, long-lasting, and weather-proof homes which gives them peace of mind, in addition to experiencing satisfaction and comfort. 

We can build homes with any building materials that our clients prefer, anywhere in Northland. Our trusted suppliers have been providing us with superior products and are able to source any kind of materials for us. This enables us to quote Fixed Price Contracts for all of our Design and Build Projects.   

Our Fixed Price Contracts​

When you commission us to design and build your home, we present a Fixed Price Contract. We offer a fair fixed price quote that comprise everything that you need to pay from the start of the project up to the hand-over of the property. Everything that is indicated in the plan presented to you by our Home Consultants and In-house Architectural Designers – all of them are included in the costing.

A Fixed Price Contract is beneficial on the side of the clients as it helps to budget and secure bank finance. In the event that you request additional works or substitution on fixtures, we will inform you straight away if your set budget in the contract can still accommodate the changes before we proceed. We will not do any work that is out of the scope of the contract without your consent. 

Upon receiving your Fixed Price Contract, we recommend that you go over it with your lawyer or bank. We would be glad to assist you, should you have any clarifications on your contract and have great relationships with bank lenders.

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