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Buying A New Home Is A Big Step

When you’re starting out on your property journey, you’ll undoubtedly be going through a lot of home viewings. Particularly if you’re eager to put down new roots in Whangarei, as there are so many variables you will be deciding upon.

It’s therefore very likely that you’ll find yourself stepping into an amazing showhome from the design and build experts Homeworld.

To begin with, showhomes are the display houses that Whangarei home builders or real estate agents (acting on their behalf) get to show buyers. One thing notable about Homeworld Design and Built showhomes is the level of finish and materials used. You’ll be unlikely to find a home that matches the standards set by Homeworld, and certainly not with the level of Guarantees Homeworld offers.

Discover Great Show Homes by Homeworld

Homeworld is the Whangarei–based builder known for its significant experience in building exquisite and superb homes of multifaceted styles. They have a great track record of building home projects on schedule and offer fixed prices. Perfect for mortgage lenders.

For this reason, Homeworld’s showhomes are a cut above the rest. When you visit Homeworld’s model homes, you’ll notice how Homeworld concept blends savvy interior design with strategic spending and practical comfort.

At Homeworld their Whangarei show homes are there to present you with possibilities. But they are also for sale. You’ll get to explore the space intimately, using all your senses to discover how the home has been designed and envisioned by a team of expert designers, for you, as a user. Homeworld doesn’t choose style over substance and ensure their designs are lived upon.

Come over and open your eyes to a variety of design styles that range from bold custom furnishings, upscale and modern elements, and soft textures. These well-thought-out elements add to a showhome’s warm and light aesthetic appeal. The showhomes here in Whangarei can hopefully help you understand your needs and wants from the space. As a showhome is an example of what is available – the best thing is that any and all aspects can be tailored for your future home – so no more compromises when it comes to your dream home.

Let a Homeworld showhome be your starting point to a good life in Whangarei.

As a buyer, going to a showhome is the best time to curate your must-haves and personalise your wish list- what you would want and don’t want in your ideal home.

Whether you prefer old-world, rustic, urban or contemporary – a show home can inspire you with ideas where you can play around with your own style preferences.

But if you’re wondering about trends, Homeworld showhomes are updated eregularly to keep up with industry offerings of the latest products and building materials available. This includes the custom designed furniture, decors, fixtures and floorings which are all finely crafted and sourced from the best artisans.

Take a walk through Homeworld’s collection of showhomes today!

To make the most of your showhome visit, there are some things you can do that can help you maximize your time during a viewing. Such as:

It cannot be stated enough, it is crucial all potential buyers ask questions about the showhome’s details. This includes concerns about the upgrades and extras or whatever piques your interest as a buyer. Is the home energy-efficient or a ‘green’ home? What’s not included in the showhome? Where can I buy that toaster on the counter?

Asking is free and won’t cost you a thing. But in these discussions, you’ll quickly find your ‘must haves’ become clearer.

Take as many photos as you want. Snap pics of the windows, the wood finishes, the built-in kitchen trays- anything that catches your eye due to its form or function. After all, you need this as a clear reference. Feel free to take a selfie of yourself or your family around the showhome, this is something you can show your friends and family. Immediately, they will have a sense if you’re comfortable and happy in this living space.

An interest on the finer details of the showhome is never a bad thing. Homeworld will take no offense if you pull out a tape measure. They will help if you ask. Size matters. If you’re specific about the amount of space you need, having a tape measure can help you plan what you want to have in your new home.

As you explore the Whangarei showhomes, have a checklist ready, note the differences in the rooms, colour palette or furnishings. These are small tidbits you reference later. Remember, this is all part of your research. Once you reassess your notes, it can give you an overview of what elements you prioritise in the property.

Call Homeworld at 0800 86 89 86 and let’s arrange a tour to one of their exquisite showhomes.

If you want to view a number of impressive showhomes in Whangarei, Homeworld have several beautiful and newly-built showhomes for you to explore. Stunning new show homes exist at Admiral Way Tutukaka, and Piha. All of these showhomes are created to match your lifestyle and taste.

Let one of Homeworld’s showhomes be your dream home.


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