What really is good and appropriate design for your new home?

Good design is a matter of opinion, but what really is good and appropriate design for your new home? Of course, you want every detail of your home build to blend– the same style of windows, facias and fittings, that all agree with your personal taste but home design goes far further. Whether you are employing a master builder, such as Homeworld or employing individuals privately to carry out various stages of the build, there are some important considerations that should not be missed.

Already have a section chosen within Whangarei? Allow Homeworld to  visit your section so they can help you determine the most suitable property for your new home. Combining the elements you require to suit your lifestyle, and maximise your Whangarei property section.

Here are 3 essential tips when you chose to build new in Whangarei.

Natural Light and Taking Advantage of the View

When designing your living spaces, one of the top aspects that should be considered is natural light. You want some shade in the summer months and want some sun in the colder months. Your Homeworld team, couples home designers, master builders and design consultants to ensure your new home exceeds expectations. Should your home be north or west-facing or is it is great to have verandahs or awnings to give you some shade against midday sun. Here at Homeworld, we seek to work with you to help ensure your home is truly tailored to your needs.

Don’t forget to ask our team as to where to position the perfect deck so you get a sunny breakfast with a perfect view. Isn’t the best day starter – to sip your coffee as you enjoy the morning sun in your perfect outdoor living space?

Your Windows, Your Privacy and Your Neighbours

Are your proposed windows overlooking a neighboring property? There is a possibility that you may be encroaching upon the privacy of your neighbours, and you surely don’t want that. Some may suggest glazing the windows with an obscure glasswork, but the visual appearance of your windows is a prime consideration when building new–and undeniably often the cause of much disagreement. Repositioning your windows can be the best solution! Besides, your windows should also provide your family privacy from the public, aside from its main purpose of maintaining a good amount of sun exposure. Some homeowners want the sunniest area to have windows which incorporate screening that is just enough to provide privacy but still minimises loss of sun.

Indoor-outdoor Living

Seamless indoor-outdoor livingis perhaps one of the things you want perfected in your build. Maximising the indoor-outdoor flow in your living spacewill ensure you have “easy entertaining” for family and friends all year round.

Sliding doors are an easy way to connect the indoors and outdoors. Not only do sliding doors look great, but they can be opened and closed with ease. Therefore, it improves not just the aesthetics but the flow – perfect for those who often host dinner parties with their nearest and dearest.

When it comes to windows, make sure whatever you chose allows you to feel closer to nature. Generous windows make your Whangarei new build, lighter, brighter and feel bigger. Make the most of your location’sincredible views!

Imagine your home opening up to a striking courtyard through the sliding doors, while the ceiling to floor steel-framed windows provide gorgeous views of the garden from the living room.

When you work with Homeworld, we take care of the small things. As preferred master builders for over 40 years, we are leaders in Whangarei Home Design and Build.

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