What To Consider When Building Coastal Homes

Want to fulfill your dream of waking up every day to the sound of waves and basking in the light of the sun? Planning to have a holiday home by the beachfront? Homeworld would be more than glad to help you transform your coastal home Pinterest pegs into reality! For over 40 years, we have been partnering with our growing roster of clients with their home design and build in NZ. Coastal homes are one of our specialities. Let us walk you through what you need to consider when having a home by the seaside.

Living within the proximity of the sea is lovely, but you also need to keep in mind that there are factors that will affect the overall look and structure of your coastal home. Specifically, you must be aware of the following:

Strong And Safe Foundations

You have to take into consideration corrosion prevention and control (CPC) as it will impact the stability of your home. Be sure to discuss this with your chosen designer and builder. As a reputable and trusted Northland home builder, we have vast experience in building structurally safe and beautiful coastal homes. You could have peace of mind knowing that you and your loved ones are safe inside your seaside home even in harsh weather conditions. Our Licensed Building Practitioners (LBP) strictly follow building codes and execute best practices throughout the construction process. Homeworld, as an organization member of Master Builders, is able to provide the Master Build Guarantee, which gives our homeowners 10 years of protection against structural and material defects, and additional benefits including Loss of Deposit Insurance.


You have to make sure that your coastal home is weatherproof, especially its exterior. The external part of your house is exposed to natural elements such as wind, salt spray, ice and rain. All the coastal homes in New Zealand that we have constructed, have proven water tightness. Our seaside homeowners need not worry about water seeping into their walls and floors. We can also utilise waterproof floors that are resistant to spills and moisture, and more importantly, anti-slip to reduce slips and falls.


As a home design and builder in Whangarei, part of our job is to educate our clients about the upkeep of their coastal home so it can last for decades to come. Being a new owner of a seaside home, you also need to talk to your builder regarding protection from pests and organisms found in the coastal environment, especially the insects and fungi that cause gradual damage to your coastal home’s structure over time.

To know more about how you can start living the coastal lifestyle, pop by our office soon so we can show you our stellar collection of home designs that we can also customise according to your preferences and needs.

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