What You Need to Know in Building Your First Home

Owning our own home is a dream that almost all of us have in common. A home that will serve as their sanctuary and a space where they express their creativity. If you are planning to have a home designed and built in NZ, read on to find out what you need to know in building your first home.

Home Design

Homeworld is a trusted Northland home builder with over 40 years of experience designing and building homes for countless highly-satisfied families. We have constructed houses of different sizes, styles, and sites. We have an astounding collection of home designs that suit our clients’ distinct tastes and preferences.

To get some inspo, here’s a list of our collection of stellar home designs with a few key details:

To simplify the process of choosing the home design that is best for you, we recommend that you first determine what you want to have in your house – the style and function that you want to achieve. From there, you can have an approximation of how much space you and your loved ones need. The size of your family, the kind of lifestyle that you have, and your family’s unique needs will become the basis in selecting the home design that is best suited to you.

Land to Build On

The advantage of partnering with an NZ home builder like Homeworld is that we help you out in your whole home building journey. After deciding on your preferred home design, it’s time to move on to the land that we will build on. At Homeworld, we also offer Home and Land Packages located in prime neighbourhoods in Northland. If this is the option that you prefer to take, we can discuss the home designs suitable for these packages. Alternatively, should you already own a piece of land, we can have our team assess its suitability for the home design that you have selected from our standard home plans or offer an entirely bespoke offer.

Building Consents and Other Required Documents

All construction projects in NZ need to have approved building consents and other required documents before starting on the build. As a home design and build company based in Whangarei, we at Homeworld take care of processing the and procuring building consents. We do the legwork for you so you can focus on the other aspects of building your dream home. We inform and update you of the whole process, so you are aware of the status every step of the way.

Master Build Guarantee

One of the most important aspects of purchasing your own home is ensuring that it comes with a 10-Year Master Build Guarantee. This guarantee gives homeowners the assurance that their newly constructed abode is protected against any structural or material defects for its first 10 years. The Master Build Guarantee gives new homeowners peace of mind and security knowing that they are safe and sound on their most prized investment in the years to come.

Homeworld, long-time members of Master Builders New Zealand, is proud to be a registered Master Builder. All of our home design and build projects in Northland have the 10-Year Master Build Guarantee.

Ready to start your home build journey?

Now that you have a rundown of everything you need to know about building your first home, you are all set to turn your dream into reality. Give us a call soon so we can partner with you in your homeownership journey.


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