When Moving To Whangarei For The Lifestyle – Choose The Best Builders In Whangarei: Homeworld

Choose The Best Builders In Whangarei: Homeworld

As house prices soar and the cost of living in major cities continue to rise, young professionals and starting families are looking to move into fast growing areas with better weather. Where better than Whangarei, Northland for your new home?!

Whangarei properties in general are affordable as most houses sit below the New Zealand price average.

Considering its coastal allure, Whangarei is the much more affordable locale worth looking into. What’s not to like? It has beautiful green spaces and nature trails. It easily boasts some of the best coastlines, not just in NZ, but in the world. All that can be found in the Whangarei District, along the stretch of Tutukaka, Whangarei Heads and yes, Bream Bay.

When the median price for a home in Whangarei was just around $535,000 last 2019 – you know you have to consider moving.

The Appeal of Whangarei Living

Properties in Whangarei offer low density, spacious and mostly detached, housing. If you’re used to living in a cramped, tiny Auckland or city apartment – Whangarei can give you all the space you’ll ever need. Expect homes to have a sprawling lawn, driveway and backyard. It’s a well known secret that kiwis in Whangarei and Northland are living the Kiwi dream.

Advantages of Living in Whangarei

Being a coastal city, Whangarei has the best sand and surf culture – hands down. Enjoying its many beaches means just a short drive or walk from your Whangarei home.

What’s not to love with a good seafood bounty you can catch yourself, plus access to the best local produce? Living in Whangarei can be as nourishing for the body as it is for the soul.

Raising children near the ocean and countryside is just ideal. Being surrounded by nature makes children learn to appreciate the great outdoors.

There’s so much to see hiking and walking around the trails, and this is all within your neighbourhood. No more concrete, smog and congestion.

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With all the strategic developments and recently confirmed improved access routes, this has made Whangarei the new place to be. The quality of life overall is excellent, this includes index factors such as amenities, infrastructure and walkability. Local real estate development has keenly kept up with the pace of the expanding population.

According to the NZ Herald, Whangarei and the rest of Northland remains relatively affordable with budget-friendly housing options and superior lifestyle properties. The bulk of new mortgages are mostly made up of first-home buyers. Whangarei remains a popular choice among those looking to relocate from larger urban centres.

The Homeworld Advantage

We live here. Unlike other ‘local’ builders, we know Whangarei and northland well, we are also totally independent and proudly family owned. We have known the lay of the land for over 40 years. We build homes to fit many different lifestyles. We design specifically for the cost and comfort of homebuyers.

We are passionate about our design and build projects and with each house we build in the Whangarei community, we make sure it stands the test of time. We guarantee our homes for ten years.

We’ve even built stellar homes in the fastest growing areas of Whangarei such as Tutukaka, Morningside, and Pukenui.

Interested? Let's talk houses in Northland and Whangarei.

We offer high-quality, affordability, and a Master Builder warranty when you choose a home built by Homeworld. Talk to us about your dream home and start building your life in Whangarei NZ. Call Homeworld at 0800 86 89 86


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