Why Building Consents Matter

Acquiring building consents is necessary for your safety and that of your soon-to-be neighbours. Procuring consents may be a meticulous and tedious task but, when you partner with Homeworld for your dream home design and build in NZ, we take that load off your shoulders. As soon as you sign a contract with us, we will organise all the required permits and building consents on your behalf. But what exactly are building consents?

Building Consents Defined

Building Consent pertains to a document that confirms that the plans and specifications for a proposed building project, in this case, your residential property, adhere to the provisions of the New Zealand Code and Building Act of 2004.
Generally, building consents are needed for new building work, site preparation, plumbing, drainage and alterations. Some construction works do not require consents, but these are limited to minor installations or works that have a maximum height of 1.5 metres. In this blog post we focus on buildings, which would require building consents.

Building consents exist to ensure the safety of the property owner, the people who would be using the building structure (if not the homeowner), as well as the people living within its proximity.

Building consents are granted by the District Council that has jurisdiction in the area where you intend to have your new build. If you are looking to have your home design and build in Whangarei, application for the building consents and other relevant permits will be at the Whangarei District Council.

Acquiring building consents is of primary importance because construction of your dream home can only commence once consents and permits are granted. Failure to secure building consents may lead to prosecution and having the unauthorised build taken down.

Homeworld and Building Consents

With Homeworld, we take care of our clients’ building consents. After signing our home design and build contract, we will begin applying for your home’s building consent and we will take care of the entire process. You can relax and spend your time focusing on how you will style your home. Don’t worry, with Homeworld by your side, you’ll be kept informed with regular updates on the application status. Processing of building consents is up to 20 days; more if the Council needs clarifications, is running behind, or requires us to submit other documents. As a seasoned Northland home builder, we are experienced in overseeing the process of obtaining building consents and permits.

Once your building consent is approved, we will obtain the materials and products needed for your home and our building team will commence with the construction. There’s nothing more exciting than witnessing the beginning of your home construction! It’s a clear indication of years of hard work paying off and turning your dream into reality.
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