Why Buy A House And Land Package

The home building process can come with a ton of surprises besides cost, inexact estimates and unforeseen delays. The journey can be fraught with great stress for the average property owner. (Homeworld offer a fixed price guarantee, but if you buy land separately have you undertaken the necessary topography tests?) But, there’s the option of house and land packages which offers a more simplified approach, and the end result is often a home of good quality and value.

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What is a House and Land Package?

House and land packages are tailored homes based on size, block, and various design-build styles built within (the case of Homeworld home and land packages) great neighbourhoods.

This means when you purchase a house and land packages in Northland, you have a great choice amongst all the available blocks or sections. Once you decide on one, you can go for a home plan that suits your lifestyle and living requirements.

But what if you already own a piece of land? That’s not a problem either for Homeworld builders. Once you consult with us, we can help you plan and design-build your dream house tailored to your section.

When it comes to house and land packages, it’s always best to stay informed and know what kind of benefits such a property investment may bring.

Pros and Cons of Buying a House and Land Package

Let’s start with the Pros. There’s a reason why house and land packages in Northland are very popular. It’s property ownership made simple. Everything you need to settle in a dream home is right here, available and streamlined.

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Buying a house and land package saves you time and money. And when you choose Homeworld as a developer, you get more benefits to your house and land package, as Homeworld is a Licensed Building Practitioner and recognised Master Builder.

Now for the cons. There are a few potential downsides to house and land packages. These unfavorable factors are often outweighed by the pros but you need to consider them nevertheless.

Homeworld offers the best and arguably most affordable house and land packages in Northland. They have fantastic house and land packages available at splendid developments in Tutukaka, Whau Valley, Pukenui and Morningside.

If you’re considering taking a big leap on a Northland house and land package, but still have some pertinent questions, Homeworld is just a phone call away at 0800 86 89 86! We’d love to hear from you and help you understand the many advantages of our beautiful house and land packages.


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