Why Having An Energy-Efficient Home Matters?

Some people think that taking care of the environment is just about doing something ‘Earth-friendly’ once in a while. But others have integrated the habit of being mindful of how they move around in this planet into their way of life. Being intentional with their energy and materials consumption and food selection is so natural, it’s as if it’s just the way they breathe.

An energy-efficient home is about utilising locally sourced and natural products and so sometimes is considered ‘hippy’ but it is not about compromising on space, quality and altering the way you live in your home. Energy-efficient homes are about reducing your environmental footprint, and keeping your bills down. That’s something everyone should be considering of.

Attributes of Energy-Efficient Homes

How does a home become energy-efficient? Is it possible to live comfortably in a visually-appealing house whilst minimising its impact on our environment? To answer these queries, check out the following descriptions of modern energy-efficient homes.

To maximise the use of the sun, wind and light, the home design must have a proper building orientation. Strategic window placement that takes advantage of natural light and wind flow would also contribute in making the home energy-efficient.

Proper insulation for the walls and ceilings will ensure that house is cosy and  warm during winter but cool enough during summer.

Maximising the benefits of these clean energy sources will result in reduced carbon footprint and lower electricity costs.

Part of having an energy-efficient home is using fewer (high voltage) appliances.

Energy-Efficient Homes Do Matter

Taking that big leap in owning a sustainable and energy-efficient home is a huge step to fight climate change but doesn’t mean in living standard compromises. Having an energy conscious home design and build is an investment at the onset but the rewards that you will reap later on are endless.

Energy-Efficient Homes by Homeworld

As a reputable home builder in Whangarei for over 40 years, we have built an array of home designs for our clients, with some that were customised according to their unique needs. Our dedicated and highly skilled design and construction team were able to surpass our clients’ expectations in creating and designing their forever home.

We are proudly registered Master Builders which enables us to provide our clients with a 10-year protection for their homes against structural and material defects. Our team also comprises of Licensed Building Practitioners who have the technical expertise and work ethics to ensure that best practices are applied and strict building codes are adhered to throughout the construction process of your new home. 

If you are looking to invest into a stylish but energy-efficient home, you have come to the right place for your next home and build project. Homeworld.

At Homeworld, our energy-efficient home design and build projects can include open plan living, indoor-outdoor flow, thermal mass walls, polished concrete floors, separate and dedicated room for batteries and inverters, and a stock water trough among others. Whatever the extent you want to take your green and energy efficiency of your new design and build, here at Homeworld we have the experience and expertise.


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