Why The Master Build Guarantee Is Critical When Building

If you are looking to have a home designed and built in Whangarei, you should verify if your contractor is eligible to provide you with the Master Build Guarantee. What is it? Why does it matter? Read on to find out.

The Master Build Guarantee

The Master Build Guarantee pertains to a 10-year guarantee given by a building company or an independent builder to the owner of the newly built or renovated home. This guarantee provides the new homeowner with a decade of protection against structural and material defects, with added benefits such as Loss of Deposit Insurance. Only Registered Master Builders are authorised to give this guarantee to their clients. Homeworld is proud to be a Registered Master Builder, and as such, we can offer peace of mind to all our clients who have entrusted their home design and build with us. Because of this, our highly satisfied clients are comfortably making new memories in the high-quality homes that we have built to last.

According to the Master Builders Association website, the Master Build 10-Year Guarantee normally costs under 1% of the total build price. This coverage is flexible and may be customised according to your needs. Some people opt out of the accompanying Loss of Deposit, and the Non-Completion and Remedial Cover to lower their costs. Here at Homeworld we include the Masters Build Guarantee within our fixed price quote. Giving total peace of mind.

Critical in Building Projects

You might think that the Master Build Guarantee is just an additional expense that you can leave out to lower your costs. And some companies may allow you to do so. However, as reputable Northland home builder for over 40 years and Registered Master Builders, we recommend that you don’t leave this guarantee out of your budget. The Master Build Guarantee is critical in building residential works for safety reasons and a wise investment, too. Its why all our buildings are covered by the Master Builders Guarantee.

As future homeowners who are about to put in years of hard-earned money into your dream home, you want to have the peace of mind knowing that the house you and your loved ones will be moving into is safe and sturdy enough to last for decades to come, protecting your investment. To give you an idea of its coverage, the Master Build Guarantee entails Materials and Workmanship cover, as well as Structural Defects coverage. As stated on the Master Builders website, Structural Defects pertain to damage that make your home unsafe, unsanitary, and uninhabitable.

As Registered Master Builders here in Whangarei, let Homeworld take charge of designing and building your new home, whilst you feel at ease knowing that you are in good hands.

Here at Homeworld, we do not only have the required licenses to hold Master Builder status, but also have a thorough understanding of everything related to building, strict compliance to best practices and an unrivaled quality of workmanship.

Get in touch with us today so we can tell you more about living in a home designed and built by Registered Master Builders.


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