Why Whangarei Coastal Homes are a Great Investment – Here are 5 Big Reasons

Have you ever considered living the coastal lifestyle? Let’s face it, New Zealand has the most beautiful coastal stretches (we think) anywhere in the world, and many of these are across the Whangarei District. Wherever you go, there are a lot of custom build homes being built.

This isn’t surprising at all, there are a lot of benefits to living by the sea. Here are 5 reasons to consider the coastal lifestyle: 

number 1

Coastal living promotes physical fitness.

Getting fit in the city can be a lot harder compared to moving seaside where people naturally embrace an active lifestyle. Once you head out the door of your coastal home, it's easy to spot something to do whether it's as simple as walking your dog, running, surfing, or swimming. The environment will encourage you to stay active. You get to reap many health benefits this way.


Enjoy the serenity of a waterfront house.

There's nothing like waking up to the sound of the waves, why lying in your beachfront home. Just pull open the curtains and you have a clear and calm view of the sea any time of the day. It is rumoured the ions by the water lead to a calmer outlook.


Be forever on vacation.

Be forever on vacation. With a coastal home, you get to enjoy the holiday vibe all year long. The view for one thing will never get old. The truth is it's like living on a permanent vacation.


Soak up the sun and salty air.

Living near the sea and more exposure to the sun (it’s always sunny at the coast right?) increases vitamin D in your body. Vitamin D improves your immune system and calcium absorption abilities, thereby protecting your heart, bones, and muscles.


You can always sell the coastal home at a higher value.

Compared to in-land homes, coastal houses have a high demand and can command a higher price. The location alone assures this. You can also reap good money renting it out during the holiday season.

Looking for a ready-to-move-in Coastal home? Or are you interested in building your very own custom-built coastal home?

Get in touch with Homeworld. If you have the land, we have the expertise and know hoe to make best use of your coastal property section. We build the best and most amazing coastal homes in the Whangarei district. As Northland’s leading Design and Build specialists, with over 40-years experience in the industry, you can trust us to build the coastal home of your dreams. Call us at Homeworld 0800 86 89 86 today!


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