Master Builders

A successful construction build hinges on the expertise of numerous professionals, and on the mantle of that leadership role is a reliable, battle-tested and deeply knowledgeable Master Builders. Homeworld are proud to be members of the Master Builders Association.

What are Master Builders?

A construction design/build delivery process requires a Master Builder at the helm. They are the chief figure in a construction project. Often this may be an architect, construction manager, engineer or even a designated construction firm or architectural agency. 

The scope of the construction project— whether a home or commercial structure— will always need someone with a keen eye on aesthetics who also shows great concern with the functionality and strength of the build. Master Builders are tasked to make sure the project goes as planned.

A Master Builder has a thorough understanding and the required licenses, and oversees all aspects of the build. In fact, it takes a wealth of experience through training, education, and certifications to become a recognised master builder. Homeworld are proud to be Master Builders.

Of course, the design-build process involves a lot of highly skilled construction people, craftsmen, and tradesmen. A Homeworld master builder will work closely with the team which also comprises of local contractors to ensure your home meets your dream expectations.

Why do Master Builders Matter?

The feats of ancient Master builders are not lost and limited to history books. You can travel across the world and see how the old Master Builders have achieved such architectural marvels that have withstood the test of time. Modern construction is built upon the foundations and the trade of Master Builders. It has given way to various modern construction delivery systems. Design & Build is one such method with speed and quality being central to its process.

When you hire a Homeworld Master Builder, you are in good hands. As the lead authority in their field, they will uphold high-quality standards and work toward the success of your construction project.

What Benefits come from Choosing a Homeworld Master Builder?

Quality is the first and foremost reason any property owner chooses to work with a master builder. 

When you choose a Master Builder, as the main point person and arbiter, they will cover a lot of ground with you from planning, scheduling, costing, and of course, understanding your vision when it comes to building your home.

Working With A Homeworld – The Master Builders In Northland.

A master builder is often known for the extent of their building experience, the depth of their trade and professional qualifications which includes management experience and level of workmanship. Homeworld are no different. Their reputation on past projects and compliance history showcases their build quality. Homeworld as a registered Master Builder here in New Zealand offers distinct protection and coverage; their services come with a 10 Year Master Build Guarantee.

Building a new home is a huge milestone, it is the biggest investment you will work hard for, and this coverage called the Master Build Services Guarantee will make sure property owners such as you are protected for a decade.

In the unlikely event that something goes wrong with your build, this guarantee provides your home, protection to resolve such issues, and you can only find this level of coverage with a Registered Master Builder.

Homeworld is a registered Master Builder. We are more than just building your dream home to your satisfaction- we also have it covered for 10 years. That’s peace of mind for you, and your bank.

Get to know more about what Homeworld has to offer. Meet our resident Master Builders and get them started in the completion of your home.

Visit our Showhome Village at 401 Western Hills Drive, Whangarei.


Homeworld showhomes feature a variety of building materials and products, helping you to see what is available and make an informed choice when building your new home. Because we value innovation we always utilise proven, quality building materials when designing our houses.

Our showhomes are replaced every 3-4 years to keep up to date with the latest products and building materials available. When you visit our showhomes you can view the latest material samples on display, experience the different options and get a true sense of how you can personalise your home to match your lifestyle and taste.


About HomeWorld

We’re dedicated to providing quality, value for money homes for our customers.

Design and Build

If you want a home designed and built to your own personal requirements and exact standards, our Design and Build option is ideal for you.

Our Showhomes

Our Showhomes feature a variety of building materials & products, helping you make an informed choice when building your new home.

We’re dedicated to providing quality, value for money homes for our customers

Specialising in Design & Build, we also have a range of house plans already design to inspire (or make the choice easy), as well as Home & Land packages & transportable homes. Our plans are custom designed to your requirements, we do not take a “one size fits all” approach. As proud Northlanders our new home designs are created to maximise our outdoor lifestyle and highlight our wonderful climate.

We are committed to excellence, offering you our personal guarantee of total satisfaction.